How To Get Rid Of Home Button On Screen Huawei?

How to Get Rid of Home Button on Screen Huawei! The Huawei Mate 10 series is a smartphone line manufactured by the Chinese company Huawei. In 2017, the Mate 10 was released with the EMUI 9.0 interface. However, in some cases it may be necessary to disable the “Home” button on screen, as this feature can be used for various functions like activating the display with gestures.

Is it possible to remove the home button from a Huawei smartphone by myself?

In this article, then answer is yes. This tool can disable the “Home” button on your Huawei phone without removing it or breaking the screen. You need just a simple USB cable to establish a connection between its GPU and CPU in order to overwrite some system files which controls these features with software produced by us (or tools).

How to get rid of home button on screen Huawei?

This process can be applied to different Huawei phones with Android 8.0

Please note: If your phone is a Huawei P20 or other “middle” model in the series, do not use these steps. We are talking about models such as Mate 10 Pro and Porsche Design Mate RS/Pro / Screen Protectors etc.. In this guide, we will describe how to get rid of home button on screen through Control Center on all

the models of Huawei devices starting with the design Mate 8, ThinkPad Tablet MIX / TAB 2 PRO etc..

We must create a folder in Control Center and place there the application “no home”. When done correctly this process will be enabled by default on your new phone without you having to remove it from anywhere else. The name may change but for simplicity we are going to refer here only as “Home” button remover. This application enables you to turn the Android device (such as Mate 10 or P20) into a single screen. You can also put an image on it and trigger with gestures, like we did for backing up your photos from Samsung Galaxy phones .

First steps:

1 Soft reset – There are several ways of soft resetting your phone in order to perform howto test without any problems but current information does not specify which works best so

you can try them all. At first, wake up your phone from sleep (or apply a Force Quit). Then press the Power button for several seconds and it will restart in normal mode or as an Emergency Mode (probably without asking) without removing this article I want to clarify that you have:

The guide will recommend only one of these methods until further notice Feedback welcomed! Alternative soft reset method – is recommended by Huawei Technical support forums with Priv around

the screen temporarily but we recommend that you do not use this method as it will erase your data. Rather I’m suggesting the following:

Power phone off using Power Button and hold until Lenovo logo appears Press Volume Up button 2 Restore to factory settings – Tap on Settings (left side) > About Phone> Hardware Information, press Menu icon at the top left corner of your device with 3rd finger Its application menu is available from any part of Blinkfeed

by sliding down the top of your screen (while having slide up halfway to expose that menu) Tap Update Information button under AT&T and T-Mobile names Now choose “Restore Factory Defaults” option Wait until it finishes.

What are the benefits of removing the home button from a Huawei phone?

There are a few benefits that can come from removing the home button on a Huawei phone. For one, it can make it easier to access all of the buttons on the device. Additionally, you may find that you don’t need to press the home button as often because other features on the phone will take care of opening up applications and accessing menus.

We have created a list of various features that you should know about before doing this one. We would like to point out some tips, however, for those who complete the process:

If your Quadrant score is zero, don’t give up yet! It can take some time before it shows a result. Also keep in mind that scores vary from device to device depending on available options and things installed directly onto them. Charging battery sparingly will also help boost results Google apps partition need approximately 500mb of free space 200% more.


The home button is one of the most used features on any smartphone. It’s useful for going back to the previous screen or app, but it also adds to your overall usage time and drains your battery faster. If you want to get rid of the home button from your Huawei device, you can use a third-party application like Button Remover or Home Button Tools. But before you go ahead and try out these apps, make sure that they are compatible with your phone model first.

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