How To Connect Geeni To Google Home?

Google Home is a revolutionary smart speaker that connects with your favourite devices and gives you the latest information in a voice-enabled way. It’s a great help for everyone, especially those who are deaf or have hearing impairments.

What is Geeni?

Geeni is a voice assistant app that lets you control your smart home devices with your voice. Geeni includes an audio library of over 10 million phrases, and there are additional features planned such as the ability to create custom commands and scenes.

What are the benefits of using Geeni with Google Home?

If you have a Google Home, Geeni can give you live updates on the local news, weather forecasts and traffic conditions. Additionally, if there are any important events taking place in your area or around the world that you would like to be kept updated on, Geeni has all of that covered too! You can also ask about the latest sports scores or simply hear what your friends and family are up to.

How do I connect Geeni to Google Home?

To connect Geeni to Google Home, first ensure that the app is updated. Then open Geeni and tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen. Next, select ‘Add a device’ from the menu option and enter your Google Home’sname or IP address. Now you’re ready to start controlling your smart home devices with your voice!

Where can I buy cheap smart home accessories?

You can find great deals on smart home accessories at online retailers such as Amazon.

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If you own a Google Home, this blog post is for you! If you are not sure how to connect Geeni to your Google Home, read on. Once you’ve finished reading this blog post, let us know in the comments below what questions or concerns you have about our device and how we can make it better for you.

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